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A couple of years ago a bunch of us went on a road trip for some waves and some fun, and we called it the 18Under trip. We scored some fun waves, and had a good time together. Here’s one of the  sequences from the trip. Other guys on the trip were Shaun Joubert, Nick Godfrey, Matt Bromley and Brendan Gibbens.

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World Travels and Jeffreys Bay

I’ve been traveling and competing in Zarautz, Spain and Azores, Portugal. The waves have been ok, and I have mixed results. Happy with how things are going right now, but one thing you realise when traveling is how good we have it back home. I am totally into being a pro surfer, and supporting my sponsors who have faith in me, but I do miss J-Bay at times…

This was from the Billabong Pro JBay 2012. I had a good event and was feeling good all the way through to the final day, when I was eliminated.


I ended up beating John John and becoming the highest placed South African in the event, which I was pretty stoked about.



That Left

Back in Nam


One of my favourite waves in the world, Keramas is always a good place to visit. Hard to imagine that it was uncrowded and pretty much secret for so many years. It’s not that far away from the central surfing areas in Bali, and it has only become popular in the last few years, really.

These photos are from a little while ago, when we scored really good waves for an event there.

It’s a perfect right-hand barrel with good sections on it. Usually when you’re in Indo and in particularly in Bali, it’s all about the lefts, so it’s good to hook into a few rights as well.

Relentless Boardmasters

Over in the UK for the Relentless Boardmasters. It’s small and cold.

Heading for London and The Tube.

The event site – there is a live webcast.


The highlights from the 2011 event.

All Over The Place

A little video we made. It’s not the latest, but there are a couple of nice waves on there, mostly in and around my homebreaks.




It has been good ever since the Billabong Pro. There have been waves everywhere. Here are a few more I dug up from the BBG Pro.

Looks like the morning of the final day. It was dark and cold and about to rain.

Sequence shot. Same morning

Just beaten John John and chatting to Hynesy


Had a good run at the Billabong Pro J-Bay. Beat John John, made it to the quarter-finals and ended up as the highest placed South African. Waves were pretty inconsistent on the last day.

Before the contest started
© Roy Harley

© Roy Harley



The Billabong Pro

The waves have been so good for the Billabong Pro J-Bay and Ive been having a good run so far. Through to the round of 16 tomorrow.